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Manage your capital & impact in one app

Track your finances & your footprint to access the financing to grow your business

Interest rates from



Approval time

2 hours

What you need

Valid National
ID or Passport

Business License
(if applicable)

Bank/mobile money Statement

Prepare your

A business account
that pays off !

Create your business profile

Boost your eligibility by going green

Fill in your application & get approved in 2 hours

Receive green credit ! 

Repay daily

Receive cash-back rewards

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The MelaninBiz account helps small entrepreneurs manage their finances, reduce their carbon footprints to earn cash backs, save cost and access the financing they need to succeed
Boost your financing eligibility

Earn up to 8% with our savings & avoid defaulting on your loans

Reduce your CO2 by buying now & pay later solar & EV equipment

Follow our automated eligibility recommendations

Access financing from our partners

Working capital

Asset financing

Carbon credit

Manage your finances & impact in one place

Connect your business bank/mobile money accounts

Store & share the required documents in one dataroom

Track your expenses & carbon footprint

Scale your business in our community

Strengthen your knowledge in finance & management

Book appointments with our curated SME experts

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs & financiers


Capital with the power to make a difference

Any Questions ?

Consult our FAQs

Need more information

Schedule a call with our team

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