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Finance with the impact 
we need

Climate Action

We believe that Africa should grow, but emissions should not. By 2030, African countries will need $2.4 trillion for climate change adaptation & mitigation.

Gender Equity

We aspire to contribute to closing the gender finance gap of $42 billion by following the 2X challenge criteria.

Financial inclusion

We believe that SMEs are the key to drive financial freedom for Africans. Yet, $330 billion is missing to close the SME funding gap and unlock job opportunities for its growing population.

Our Contribution to Agenda 2063

We are determined to contribute to the high-level agenda driven by our African institutions, and ensure that our actions contribute to achieving Aspiration #1 by 2063.


How we track
our impact 

Climate Action

If Africa reaches middle-income status with the same emission intensity as current middle-income countries, Africa will add 12Gt of CO2e emissions by 2050 (over 20% of global 2019 emissions) – which would make it impossible to reach global climate objectives[1].

KWh produced by renewable energy

KWh produced by renewable energy

Reduced Material CO2 footprint

Total greenhouse gas emissions per year

Gender Equity

In order to be a driver gender equity, Melanin Kapital has integrated the 2X Challenge Criteria in all credit score algorithms and lending processes. 2X Challenge was launched at the G7 Summit 2018 as a bold commitment to inspire DFIs/IFIs and the broader private sector to finance the world’s women. It provides a framework for fintechs like us to finance women-owned businesses, women-led businesses, businesses employing women or businesses providing essential services to women in particular.  

Productive employment for  women

Number of women accessing essential  products/services

Financial Inclusion

At Melanin Kapital, we believe that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are critical drivers of economic growth and development in Africa. However, access to finance has been a major challenge for SMEs, particularly for women and youth-owned businesses. According to the International Finance Corporation (IFC), over 40% of formal micro, SMEs in developing countries, including Africa, are either financially excluded or underserved. We innovate to empower those MSMEs and further financial inclusion..

Number of women-led & women-owned SMEs financed

Increased access to banking, insurance and financial services for adults

Number of small-scale enterprises accessing affordable credit.

Our Values

We are passionate

We do what we love with those who love what we do to build Africa

We trust each other

We are accountable to our customers and believe in each other as a team

We are visionary

We believe that innovative finance can change the world

We work towards excellence

We will never stop until we unlock the capital potential for Africa

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