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From climate action 
to capital

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Our Vision

We are creating a world where finance is primarly driven by social inclusion & environmental sustainability

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every African SME is eligible to climate finance to grow their business

Our Objective

We aim at becoming the leading climate fintech in Africa supporting 1 million SMEs to access $1billion of green credit and reduce CO2 emissions by 50million tons by 2030

Our Story

After two years of operations and bootstrapping, Melanin Kapital, which was founded by CEO Melanie Keita and COO Ian Minjire, has evolved from traditional crowd lending to a green credit and carbon offsets platform with the aim of making financing more accessible and affordable for African SMEs. With previous experience in impact investment and sustainability engineering/entrepreneurship, the founders realized that most African SMEs could not scale because of a lack of access to credit for their green transition.


The passionate team 
making this happen

Melanin Kapital is rooted in individuals that share a deep passion for Africa and are inspired to be change-makers by empowering local entrepreneurs with the resources and knowledge.

Investors who support us

The experienced advisory board guiding us

We are surrounded by a strong advisory board with strong knowledge in fintechs, climate sustainability & entrepreneurship.

Our Commitments

Advocate for gender diversity and support minorities  

We advocate for gender equality support of minorities and have committed to advancing the cause of women and support of local african businesses. This means that we are especially focusing on supporting women and local african entrepreneurs and seek to empower traditionally disempowered communities.

Commit to contributing and achieving
Net-Zero emission to the continent

A key pillar of Melanin Kapital is the focus on committing to the highest ESG standards and positive social impact on the continent. This value is embedded at the core of Melanin Kapital’s mission focusing on accelerating impact on the continent. Our objective is to reduce CO2 emissions by 5,000,000 tons every year.

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