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Achieve financial
while making an impact

Everything you need in one app to manage finances and access green financing to grow your business

Returns from



Indicative term from

6 months

What you need

Valid National
ID or Passport

Your Credit 

Your Investment License (optional)

Prepare your
first investment

Change starts with

Create your investor profile

Connect your accounts

Build your savings & investment plan

Connect with like-minded investors

Invest in SMEs!

Earn your returns

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The MelaninVest account helps individual to grow their wealth in a sustainable way by investing in green SMEs in Africa
Build your investment plan

Set up your goals

Build your pipeline 

Get automated recommendations to grow your wealth

Invest in our green African SMEs

Earn up to 12% per annum in our fixed-income products

Offset your carbon emissions in projects in Africa

Monitor and follow up on your investments' impact

Manage all your personal accounts in one place

Connect all your personal accounts

Send money in and out Africa

Track your own CO2 footprint

Scale your portfolio in our community

Strengthen your knowledge in investment 

Receive tailored advice from local experts

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs & investors


Capital with the power to make a difference

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