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Kenyan climate fintech Melanin Kapital ends the year 2022 with 3 awards won in less than a month!

Abby Bonello, Head of Design & Communications

28 Dec 2022

Kenyan climate fintech Melanin Kapital ends the year 2022 with 3 awards won in less than a month!

Melanin Kapital rises up to recognition by gunning 3 prestigious awards globally.

Melanin Kapital which is one of the top upcoming fintech’s in Kenya, is transforming the financial

sector through green financing for small businesses in Africa.

(Melanin Kapital Co-founders Melanie Keita and Ian Minjire)

The first award for Melanin Kapital won during the East African Annual African Tech Awards(AfricArena) held on 6th October in Kenya. AfricArena is an African tech accelerator that runsCorporate Open Innovation challenges throughout the African continent, gathering more than 65startups and 100 investors across the continent. Melanin Kapital won in the ‘category of themost promising entrepreneurs’ and got qualified with other 5 laureate of the East AfricanSummit to go to South Africa for the finals.

The second award for Melanin Kapital was won during the Gitex Global annual tech show held on 13th October in Dubai where they were recognized for Top Africa Fast Award, beating 20 entrants from across the continent. The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) global is the world’s largest tech show taking place at the Dubai World Trade Centre in the United Arab Emirates. This was the first edition of the Top Africa Fast Award this year, welcoming over 800 startups from the continent eager to meet the 600 number of investors invited to the event.

(Melanin Kapital Co-founders receiving the award Gitex Global Annual tech Showin Dubai)

The third award for Melanin Kapital was won during the finals of the 6th Annual Grand Summit of African Tech Awards (AfricArena) held on 10th November in South Africa, gathering 60 startups and 100 investors from all over Africa, where the fintech managed to win the most promising Startup of the Year Awards.

(Melanin Kapital Co-founders receiving the award during AfricArena in South Africa)

After two years of operations and bootstrapping, Melanin Kapital, which was founded by CEO Melanie Keita and COO Ian Minjire, has evolved from traditional crowd lending to a green credit and carbon offsets platform with the aim of making financing more accessible and affordable for African SMEs. With previous experience in impact investment and sustainability engineering/entrepreneurship, the founders realized that most of African SMEs could not scale because of lack of access to credit for green transition.

They previously have been awarded the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 award in Europe in the finance category in 2021 and are now seeking to close their pre-seed round from angel investors and micro-Vc funds who share this ambition of financing the green revolution in Africa. Commenting on the startup’s triumph, the CEO Melanie Keita said: “It is a great honor to be recognized in these awards, climate change is fast advancing, Africa may not be the problem but could be the solution for consequences that will affect us all. We are excited to be empowering the green revolution in Africa. We wish to become the largest climate Fintech platform driving $1bn of green financing into SMEs in Africa by 2030”.

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